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    It's a free MMO, but don't let that put you off. It's actually pretty fun. For starters, it's not a point and click MMORPG. It's an action dungeon crawler. I think it's pretty fun, and Tycho of Penny Arcade seems to like it, too.

    Shockingly enough, despite being free, the part of the game that requires real money is surprisingly reasonable. Various things in the game require Energy. Elevators that lead to each level cost 10 points. Crafting items costs various amounts. Reviving starts at 2 points, and increases with each death in the same level. Special machines that are scattered around the maps cost Energy to give you bonuses. You can also spend points on trinket slots, which let you equip special items that give you buffs, and weapon slots, which let you equip additional weapons. Each of the slots lasts for 30 days.

    There are two types of Energy, Mist Energy, and Crystal Energy.

    Mist Energy is completely free. You can only have 100 points of it, but it automatically refills by one point every 15 minutes.

    Crystal Energy can only be gained by buying it, but you can carry up to 99,999 of it. Unlike most games of this type, the amount you pay is actually extremely reasonable. 200 points of Energy costs $.99. Not only that, but you don't even have to actually buy any. You're allowed to buy it from other players using the in game money. You're also allowed to trade it with people.

    It may not be perfect. It still has plenty of things that can be improved, but it's just a plain fun game. Very good in short bursts.

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