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Discussion in 'Transformers General Discussion' started by dasaffe, Jan 2, 2007.

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    It seems like the prototype TF toy trade has dropped significantly in the past couple years. I've heard people bemoan the lack of protos on the market, and we certainly don't see as many EARLY protos floating on eBay or being shuffled around the graymarket. But recently a flood of TF Movie prototypes have popped up on eBay that seem to contradict Hasbro's hard line against the practice of selling toys before they're ready to be consumed.

    Hasbro has said they've taken action against prototype traders in recent years, and it seems like their enforcement efforts on eBay and what seems an orchestrated effort to stop it at the factory as well (red paint on figure's faces, more prominent "NOT FOR SALE" stamps, etc.) has had some success. The first news of a lot of toys from the 06 year came almost exclusively via Hasbro.

    Another possible way that Hasbro could be discouraging prototype leaks is by only using lossless Chinese factories.

    Hasbro contracts with a number of Chinese factories to produce all of its toys. The factories aren't line-exclusive (prototypes from a broad range of lines wind up in the hands of different prototype sellers). Additionally, collectors of prototype toy packaging know that the factories aren't company-exclusive as a wide range of brands wind up on the scratch side of test boxes.

    We know that the TF movie toys will be produced in much larger numbers than previous lines. And I know that Hasbro has shuffled some lines to new factories before (the 3 3/4" GI Joe line had product from a number of facilities toward the very end of its life and the quality of plastic varied widely).

    What I'm thinking is this: since Hasbro's got to send these toys into hyper-production in order to anticipate the movie's release, are they using "leakier" factories that they've tried to avoid in the recent past and is that why we're seeing more protos online?

    Or is this hooey, Proto-traders know that Movie protos create enough internet buzz to send their auction prices through the roof?

    Anyone care to weigh in?
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    Yet Alt Ravage and Rumble are scheduled for release at the end of this month and we've yet to see either in American packaging.

    I'd say it's quite possible

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