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Discussion in 'Video Games and Technology' started by Prowl, Jun 30, 2008.

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    20 bucks for PSP and DS. I would have never even thought about paying for a Space Invaders game. I have nothing but fond memories of the old arcade, but I didn't think I would find any entertainment in a remake, but damn.

    My friend brought over the DS version, and I went and picked up the PSP version the next day.

    Think, Space Invaders meets Rez and Everyday Shooter. At its heart it is space invaders, but there are new enemy type, sizes, and weapons, including a badass Laser that allows you to wipe across the screen, destroying the bad guys in one swoop.

    Every hit on the enemy causes a note in the technobeat, hence the Rez comparison, and the boss fights are really cool, one of them making you bounce your lasers off the boss' minions in order to hit the boss.

    This is the best, and most addicting, game that I have spent 20 bucks on since Patapon.

    The DS one supports game sharing and Rumble. Here is the PSP review.

    And the DS Review

    Hehehe, ol' Space Invaders scored only 1 point less than Snake.

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