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    So recently, I created this thread about Toy Island's Sonic X Metal Force toy line:

    Anyways, I found the Sonic Metal Force is actually repaints of a previous Sonic X line known as Space Fighters. And looking at the pictures, they seem to be alot better looking coz they got these neat looking helmets.

    I just recently got the Tails from this series and I am oddly finding it less girly looking than his Metal Force counterpart.

    Space Fighter Tails next to Metal Force Shadow

    Funny enough, Space Fighter Tails and Megabot Tails have the same head mold, so the helmet fits on him too.

    Metal Force Tails

    Only thing I can say is bad about this toy is the weapon doesn't fit as tightly in his hand and the light inside his hand isn't as bright as his Metal Force counterpart.

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