Soundwave gets bored and mad

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    This is based on a fanfic I wrote. Enjoy and Reveiw please

    Soundwave sits at his console in the control room. He sighs as he listens to Megatron and Starscream fight over Megatron's plans. Normally the TIC can ignore Megatron and Starscream but today Megatron's voice just seems louder and Starscream's voice is starting to piss him off. Soundwave sees a Vehicon playing solitaire. Soundwave sees Barricade playing online poker against some human whose user name is evilmonkeylover. Breakdown is jamming to some Led Zepplin. Soundwave takes out a Snoopy bobblehead and sets it on top of his computer and a small monkey that when its tail is pulled it slams to cymbols together. Airachnid's eyes widden at Soundwave. She tries to contain her laughter but can't and starts laughing. She laughs so hard she starts to tear and falls out of her chair.

    "Airachnid what is so funny?" Megatron demands

    Everyone looks over at Soundwave's computer. Laughter erupts in the room. Megatron's optic twitches.

    "I have to go before I pee myself." Airachnid laughs as she runs out of the room.

    "See even Soundwave is bored of you." Starscream states

    Soundwave fritz's and starts bashing Starscream's face in. Megatron's eyes widen.

    "He's bored allright Screamer. With you whining." Barricade laughs.

    Deadend grabs Soundwave's monkey and pulls on the tail to make the monkey clap. Megatron and everyone else bursts into laughter.
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    Ok I'm not gonna lie, I chuckled. I can somehow see this happening in a filler episode or something like that. :D 

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