Soundwave: Evolution of a Hero

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    Hi fellow fans, I have here an exerpt from a long story I have written I didnt want to post it all if there was no interest so i figured id just post a juicy tidbit and see if i could garner any interest. Just a little backstory my take takes place in a fictional timeline that occurs a hundred years or so after the destruction of Unicron. Unicron has since returned (how will be explained in the stories evolution) and he has a new powerful weapon with him. Using this weapon he twists the minds and the bodies of the remaining decepticons making them larger, more vicious... basically amplifying their personalities and their bodies to reflect those aspects. In this draw from the story Galvatron is meeting with Unicron to discuss the future, and it is here where we begin to see the acension of an unlikely hero..... Please feel free to comment. (my punctuation sucks im well aware save your comments as ill have someone edit the final version for me)

    Deep within the catacombs of the Tarkas moon...Laserbeak equipped with Rumble and Soundwaves newest device the Plainsight sheild looks on as Galvatron and Unicron begin their discussion....

    Unicron "Galvatron we are on the cusp of a new age of existence. Soon my army will be complete and we will unleash them on the unsuspecting

    Galvatron "Yesss mighty Unicron the simple Autobots must be enjoying this unexpected peace that the Decepticons have offered them."

    Unicron "They are on the eve of their destruction Galvatron. Soon we will wipe out the only force that can stand in the way of our acension to higher existence. I am almost there my loyal servant and I will take you with me as reward for that loyalty"

    Galvatron "Decepticons will conquer the universe in YOUR name mighty Unicron"

    Unicron "You think too small Galvatron, that is why you will always be an inferior being"

    Galvatron "I...I dont understand"

    Unicron "Of course not because you are but a machine, a complex machine, but still just a machine. You cannot see beyond the boundaries of the laws that you follow. I have no such limitations Galvatron I am Alpha and Omega."

    Galvatron "Do you not want the Decepticons to rule?"

    Unicron "Your factions do not interest me Galvatron, you are simply a tool, a means to an end. Autobots are too moral too righteous the transformation the Nullspark would bring about would change their bodies, alter their minds but ultimately would not be able to change that sense of Justice. This is why the Decepticons make perfect slaves for my cause, they have no such moral code. The Nullspark simply overampifies that which is already there. Think not of them anymore my Galvatron they are insignificant, think only of serving your master."

    Galvatron "What is to happen now?"

    Unicron "We will unleash our army on the planet known as Cybertron, every last Autobot and Decepticon that does not bend to my will, will be destroyed. I want the Allspark that is protected on that planet brought to me. When i combine the Allspark and the Nullspark this will be the catalyst for a reset of the universe Galvatron, and we will begin anew."

    Galvatron "M-mighty Unicron I am but your humble servant, I dont understand why do we not just use our army to conquer all worlds and you may rule the universe?! I fail to see the purpose in ruling over nothing!"

    Unicron "SILENCE Galvatron you test my patience! Ill have you mutated into a mindless drone like the rest of your soldiers. DO NOT question my motives, why rule over an imperfect universe Galvatron when we can build our own utopian existence with the help of the Duospark? This existence is flawed, its better to start from scratch and build perfection!"

    Galvatron "I will obey Unicron, my loyalty is absolute"

    Unicron "Do not think me a fool Galvatron I know you obey because of fear, and because of promise of power....should either of these factors be removed from this scenario I know you would attempt to destroy me and take this power for yourself. In many ways Galvatron you are like Starscream he is of value to you because he understands what he stands to gain in your service. If he comes to view you as weak he will attempt to replace you at my side."

    Galvatron "I know all too well the treachery Starscream is capable of, numerous times he tried to usurp my position as supreme leader of the Decepticons and each time he.....has.....failed! I will handle Starscream Unicron even if to control him i must destroy him!"

    Unicron "And what of the soldier knows as Soundwave Galvatron?"

    Galvatron "Soundwave? He is one of my most loyal retainers, cold, calculated and an expert at espionage and subterfuge and completely devoted to the Decepticons and their leader"

    Unicron "I sense a danger in this one Galvatron, there is a anomaly in his spark. He is dangerous and he must be eliminated."

    Galvatron "Soundwave is of no thre..."

    Unicron "You will obey my will Galvatron!, I will not stand to have my orders questioned. You will obey or you will be destroyed and I can easily find a worthy replacement.... Starscream is just as, if not more hungry for the power that I am offering you."

    Galvatron "No...... Unicron your will shall be done, my loyalty to you is absolute...I will....take care of Soundwave....."

    Unicron "Excellent my servant....our meeting is at an end, you have a invasion to plan and I have a problem I need to take care of on Cybertron. Hold off the attack until I return nothing must interfere with our ultimate goal."

    Back at the hidden Decepticon base Soundwave calls his loyal pet back to his side "Laserbeak return". Soundwave for the first time since his creation feels deep in his spark what the humans would equate to fear. Logic fails him and his programming matrix overrides reason and he flees the command hub of the Decepticon stronghold. Transforming his powerful boosters engage and he rockets from the Decepticon hideout. He doesnt know where he is going he only knows that he needs time to think, to sort things out and to understand what is coming....
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    Exerpt two happens slightly farther down the line and introduces 2 of my original characters Heavybarrel and Twinblade. You also get a glance at the turn in Rodimus personality and exactly what kind of dilemma the autobots will face in the coming crisis.

    Osira was a sprawling city the last bastion of defense for the remaining Autobots. The city is considered impregnable as attack after decepticon attack and plot after plot had failed against its superior intelligence and sheer firepower. A direct air assault is impossible, hundreds of self aware gun batteries collectively controlled by Telatran-2 will obliterate any airborn threat. With nothing but sand on three sides of the city crack sniper units and heavy artillery will quickly thin the ranks of any battalion foolish enough to deploy a ground assault. Should an army by chance pull off bypassing these hurdles then they would have to face the might of the Autobots, lead by the merciless Grand Rodimus the Autobots had become hardened their hatred for the Decepticons and especially their leader was absolute and mercy was no longer a luxury that they would enjoy. Laserbeak armed with Soundwaves shield passed the entrenched ground forces without so much as a whisper. There is a moment of tension back at the depot as Laserbeak swiftly and quietly sweeps past the many gun batteries, their ocular units blind to his presence. Coming to the formidable walls of the fortress he ascends to a high portcullis and lands just above two Autobots having a general conversation. Looking down Laserbeak identifies his targets the first is a ridiculously large hulk of metal and wires chief weapons expert Heavybarrel and the other, second science officer Twinblade Laserbeak starts to record their conversation.

    Heavybarrel "Twin its been weeks since we have heard any activity from the beginning to get that feeling"

    Twinblade "Its definitely outside the norm.... Teletran-2 has not picked up any patrols around Tarkas either, its like the planet has gone dead"

    Heavybarrel "Decepticons do not know rest, this lack of activity puts me on edge... i think the hammer is about to fall"

    Twinblade "Our defenses are at optimal capacity....we are ready for any attack the Decepticons can muster"

    Heavybarrel "Your confidence is wreckless Twinblade, do not underestimate our enemy and do not overestimate our defenses. You have heard the reports of our drones being destroyed by monsterous beings just outside the rings of Tarkas. Grand Rodimus will not release the information gathered from their surveilance until its had an opportunity to be analyzed by Perceptor and his science team."

    Heavybarrel brings an optic magnifier to bear over his visor. He scans the horizon for activity but there is nothing unusual in the wide expanse in front of him. He switches through several different viewing modes on the device each one turning up nothing. He switches a few more times and then rests on a vision which was designed by Perceptor to detect shifts in air currents caused by the propulsion from the boosters many of his kind used for mobility. This view shows clearly subtle silver lines in the skies in front of him hes curious but the lines are so subtle and broken he dismisses them and goes back to his talk with Twinblade.

    Heavybarrel "Twin things have changed so much since Prime left us. The Autobots are not what they once were Rodimus' spark is tainted with hatred, his leadership is governed by anger not by logic he is a loose cannon and not fit to lead"

    Twinblade "Watch yourself Heavy such words could be considered treasonous"

    Heavybarrel "Watch nothing Twin, you may be fearful of Rodimus but pushed too far and ill bring the might of my weapons against him. Autobots do not live in fear of their leader Twin that has never been the way. Rodimus kills without hesitation, his body is scarred with the markings of his kills... I would almost wager he takes pleasure in it. He is not FIT TO RULE"

    Heavybarrel was so involved with his explanation that he didnt notice the towering form reaching out to place a hand on his shoulder.

    Omni Magnus "Heavybarrel old friend your words do ring with truth, Rodimus has lost himself he is consumed with the need to destroy the Decepticons but now is not the time for such words. A great darkness is upon us and dissent amongst the ranks will only lower the moral of our forces."

    Heavybarrel looks into the pale blue optics of his old friend and his anger immediately dissipates. Magnus was the voice of reason, he was Grand Rodimus' right hand and more than one Decepticon was spared termination not because of Rodimus' mercy but because of Magnus'

    Heavybarrel "Well Magnus I take it the data from the drones has been fully analyzed?"

    Omni Magnus "It has, and the analyses has turned up some rather disturbing revelations. Rodimus wants all ranking Autobots to report to the war room there is much to be discussed and much to be planned..."

    Heavybarrel "All right Twin, lets go there is nothing happening here anyway. I suppose I should at least hear what Hotrod has to say"

    Twinblade "Grand Rodimus.... show some respect Heavy....he is still our leader"

    Heavybarrel "Yeah right....lets go"

    As they are about to set off to the War Room Twinblades keen optics notice some dust settling on Heavybarrels shoulder and as his head turns upward he identifies the source, a portcullis meters up the wall but oddly there is nothing there dismissing the event he turns and follows his friends down the corridoor.

    All Laserbeak needed to garner from the conversation was a location once he had obtained that everything else was of little consequence. Lo-jacking into a Autobot system is no easy task especially when that system is governed by the Teletran-2 intelligence unit but Laserbeak was no ordinary recon drone, he was super intelligent, and a master with computer systems. Finding a local maitanence outlet Laserbeak sets to the task of cracking into Teletrans database. Using a modified version of the code used to create the plainsight sheild Laserbeak is able to mask his entry into the system after overriding some simple protocols and avoiding all the high security systems he is able to upload a blueprint of the Osira compound as well as access codes to the doors of many of the low security departments within the compound. Laserbeak knows that this mask will fail and in a few minutes maybe even less Teletran-2 will become aware that it has become compromised. That would just make this task all that much more difficult.

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