Soul Of Chogokin Evas & Transformers Energon, BW, BM and Animated

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    Continuing my never ending downsizing I have a new batch of stuff up for sale. As usual these figures are all complete with all accessories, instructions leaflets boxes and so on unless otherwise noted. Prices are in GBP and figures are located in the UK

    Soul of Chogokin

    Neon Genesis Evangelion Unit-1, MIB but missing the on of the three identical plastic entry plugs he comes with - Reduced price as one of the tiny base connectors is snapped, makes no difference to the base as the other connector holds it together fine - £35
    Neon Genesis Evangelion Unit-0 (Blue) - £40
    SPEC Neon Genesis Evangelion Unit-1 400% Synchro Rate version Yahoo Japan Exclusive - £50
    Gallery I shot of this figure - SPEC Evangelion 01
    SPEC Neon Genesis Evangelion Unit-1 - His left hip has disintegrated meaning his left leg is detached and unfixable without getting hold of another pair if SPEC Eva legs. However he does include with all the armour weapons, accessories and so on - £20 on its own or £15 with 400% version above.
    Gallery I shot of this figure SPEC Evangelion 01


    Beast Wars Optimal Optimus - Good condition battered box - £25
    Beast Wars Returns (Japanese version of Beast Machines) Dragon Megatron - £20
    Energon Omega Supreme - £30
    Cybertron Supreme Starscream - Battered box - £30
    Animated Voyager Megatron - Cybertron alt mode - £20

    P+P will be calculated on a case by case basis, Interested? PM me or posy in this thread, cheers!

    More to come soon!

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