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    Some uncolored sketches.

    Antoine: Yeah, I kinda drew him to look more epic than he actually is. It's all an act, I bet. He's definitely the kind of guy who'd look fearsome towards others unless they have a gun.

    Snively: Failed a bit here. Though the face I think is proper. A lot of images I used for reference showed me he is designed where he doesn't have a "chin," so I didn't draw the lines that indicate a head attached to a neck. If....that makes no sense, just ignore it.

    Mecha Sonic: One of the various robotic Sonics. One day I'll draw all of them (or at least the ones I feel are needed), but for this one, I tried to make him look more monstrous. The first robot was designed to be nigh-identical in appearance, while this one focuses more on strength. Metal Sonic will be the perfect combo of those two things, plus having equal speed.

    Bunnie: This is just a random pose. I originally wanted to draw her fighting Mecha Sonic, in homage to a fight scene in the comics, but couldn't think of a good fighting pose. So instead she's just kinda sneaking around or something.

    Also a little something showing how NICOLE looks. And how Bunnie's robot fingers looked when she got Roboticized. They're originally sharp, but she kinda sanded them down over time.

    Anywho, that's all the Sonic stuff I've drawn lately.


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