Something Funky in the Pool, Man!

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by jorod74, Apr 12, 2009.

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    We have started Spring Cleaning and we are trying to clean the pool again (the realtor and the pool company they hired never touched it last year- we did all the work) and guess what we found in the pool?


    Tadpoles by the hundreds, maybe thousands. all those months of the pool being left alone during the fall and winter months gave the water time to lose its chlorine and made it safe for all the frogs around here to listen to Barry White albums and have a Roman Orgy.
    hell, my nieces found a couple of frogs in an overflow drain, getting it on.
    they told me there was two frogs in the drain and i saw only one big frog and grabbed him.
    Didn't know I grabbed the Fornicating Frogs at the same time and threw em in a cup so the girls could see em better.
    How do you tell an 8 year old what those two are doing- diplomatically? LOL.


    So after a few shots with the Kodak- making me the Larry Flynt of the Amphibious variety, I released the slutty pair back into the wild to do more of the Wild Thang.
    nothing like croakers humping in the bushes, eh, kiddies?

    I may look bored, pal; but i am getting more action than you....try to live that down.

    I always thought that childbirth was kinda disgusting.
    after all, you got all that fluid stuff and then out pops a slimly lizard person-thing like offa Star Trek and then it screams.
    but to see all those tadpoles in our pool...and the "horny" toads, lol....
    kinda makes me glad i never swim at Hefner's place.
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    Evansville, IN
    I'd go with the MST3k of what Joel would tell the bots "They're telling secrets..". There is a scene in Eegah where the scene cuts to two lizards positioned like that. Crow asks "What are they doing?" Joel says they are telling secrets.
  3. inferno4565

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    My pool was the same, we stopped using it after one winter and boom, Tadpoles and Frog galore.

    Kinda cool though, we kept the pool closed (HAHA) for a year to let them chill.

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