Something for the Holidays - Twas the Cybertronian Night Before Christmas.

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    Twas the Cybertronian Night before Christmas
    Narrated by Ultra Magnus.​

    Twas the night before Christmas, and all through the HQ
    No Predacons were stirring, not even a few.

    No stockings were hung, but there were trees filled with lights
    And almost every other Christmas decoration in sight.

    Rat Trap ended his shift and ran out the door
    Yelling “I’m getting drunk until I’m unconscious on the floor!”

    I looked at the clock, it was only six..
    Surely Rat Trap can wait until he got his kicks..

    I walked to the bridge and up to Prime
    “Cheetor is holding a party and there isn’t much time.

    He is hosting it in sector 4-25.
    He says without you, it wouldn’t feel alive”

    “I’m sorry Magnus, I need to stay here
    It’s a Predacon attack that I fear.”

    “But sir” I said looking straight at him
    “Their numbers are quite slim”

    “That hasn’t stopped them before
    from dealing out pain and gore”

    I signed and looked to him. “You’re right”
    I exited the bridge and was about to leave for the night

    Suddenly I was startled by a very loud clatter
    I ran to the nearest scanner for more on the matter

    The screen showed nothing on the roof or skies
    I then switched to the cameras, to see what they spied

    One reindeer with a red nose, in front of eight more
    And a fat man in red, whom I’ve never seen before.

    I quickly ran to the bridge to notify Prime
    But I wasn’t fast enough, I wasn’t there in time

    The fat man, he had beaten me there!
    Just how fast was this man, who could sled in the air?

    “Santa?” Prime said. “Earth is so far away
    “How did you travel this long distance with that wooden sleigh?”

    “How I travel is a secret, even from you
    The Predacons can’t get it, or chaos will ensue”

    I asked the fat man “We don’t exchange gifts here
    So why do you visit us this year?”

    “I come to bring one gift this time
    And that gift is you, Prime”

    “I’m sorry Santa. I really enjoy Christmas, I do
    But incase of an attack, I need to be at HQ.”

    “You’ve done this ever since Christmas came here
    Never enjoying it, year after year.”

    “I need to be ready if the Predacons attack!
    I need to be at the bridge, so I can fight back.”

    “Optimus” he said. “The Predacons are no threat.”
    “They can barely survive; you have no reason to fret.”

    “It is my job to protect this planet” He said
    “I want to go, but I have to be here instead”

    Santa signed heavily, and looked into Prime’s eyes
    “You’ve done so much, but you must rationalize.”

    “You also need a break from your leadership role
    Trying to save the galaxy has really taken its toll.”

    “The Predacons are no match for you anymore
    They are not a threat like they were before.”

    “You’re friends and troops want to enjoy this day with you
    But you think you have too much work to do”

    “This only comes around once each Earth year
    You must live with your heart and enjoy the cheer”

    “And now, I leave you with this to think on”
    And with that, the jolly man was gone

    Prime was silent, lost in thought
    Was this what the fat man had sought?

    “Magnus!” he said sharply, giving me a small fright
    “You said Cheetor was hosting a party tonight?”

    Soon we were in our vehicle modes and on our way
    This was a miracle, ‘Thank the Matrix’ I had to say

    We transformed and were about to go inside
    When we looked up, because we had spied

    “That Santa Claus fellow!” I said pointing to the sky
    Prime looked to the sky and said “Thanks Claus, and good bye.”

    As we walked to the door, it opened up
    “Come on lads, you’re late!” said Kup.
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    Well done and thanks for sharing it with us!

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