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    Here are a few of my current projects I'm working on.

    The Autobot Clones- These are made from two PCC Leadfoots at the moment using Cybertron Sideways' wings for Cloudraker, but with the help of Process will be getting modified Prime Blades for them both. Fastlanes Blades will store under the racecar plugged into the back skirt and stick out the back a bit.

    Pinkstalker- I was trying to dye plastic for the second time will need to dye him again to get a darker red. First time warped the parts so this time decided to see what would happen dipping the whole figure in at once. needs lots of work LOL!

    Ratbat from Kingbat- I loved Ratbat as a kid and bought the Perfect Effect
    Kingbat. The trident mode and jet modes are good, but their bat mode SUCKS. I saw someone repaint a Kamen Rider figure into Ratbat and figured I'd go one step further and try to make removable wings out of that figure for Kingbat to give him articulated wings and I'll be getting a pair of G1 reissue Ratbat guns to also put on him.

    WFC Blaster- I had an extra WFC Soundwave that I removed the head and guns from to make a Generations Soundwave out of Generations Perceptor. I used the head from an Action Master Blaster. Just had to make the neck hole a bit bigger.

    So, let me know what you guys think.

    And yes, I know I have too much free time on my hands.

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    Cant wait to see the finished version of that Blaster.

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