Some thoughts on Battle Lines Part 5

Discussion in 'Comic Books and Graphic Novels' started by Scaleface, Oct 12, 2011.

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    Obviously spoilers for those who care, but I was wondering...

    On page 13 there is a scene with Optimus Prime talking to Magnum. Suddenly Dion runs up to them to report about the Decepticons. Dion of course won't recognize Optimus as Orion, and you might even say Dion has been upgraded so much Optimus wouldn't recognize him, but then Magnum says "How many, Dion?" with Optimus standing there.

    So does Optimus know Dion lived now?

    Also Deathsaurus makes the comment that half Megatron's troops are "brainwashed Autobots", and while it's possible those are the background filler characters, anyone wonder if maybe any of the main Decepticon troops of Megatron were once Autobots? Was there ever a day when maybe Soundwave, Thundercracker or Shockwave was an Autobot?

    BTW - Anyone else thinking Magnum will get damaged and rebuilt using an Autobot warrior upgrade like Prime, and become Ultra Magnus?
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    Probably, the better question is though, do people know Orion Pax is Optimus Prime? Or is that supposed to be a secret?

    My impression is that the Autobots are the general populace of Cybertron, and the Decepticons were a group of followers renamed by Megatron.

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