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    hey everyone im fixing to do some projects and im needing a few figures for this and this is what i got to trade, items are loose unless notted


    G1 Blitzswing complete c-9
    G1 Wheelie c-9
    G2 blue Grimlock c-8
    G2 swindle complete
    g2 Afterburner complete w instruction and tech spec card
    Rotf twins ice cream truck
    Generations Red Alert
    universe 2.0 Onslought complete

    Hybred style convoy ( has been opened but in box and everything is complete
    Classic Grimlock misb
    25th Aniversery prime MISB
    Generations Red Alert MISB
    Universe 2.0 Hardhead still in box but box is a little damaged
    TFTM firt encounter Barricade boxset MISB
    imported mini verson devistator Misb


    wfc megatron

    ROTF mindwipe

    ROTF Sideswipe x2 ( one boxed and one loose)

    RTS G2 verson Prime ( MISB )

    generations Thunderwing

    Rotf Dirdge

    Rotf lockdown

    TFTM Blackout x2 ( one boxed n one opened )

    Animated Arcee

    anmated blackaracnia

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