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    It's time to make some space at my house by selling off some of my TFs. (To make room for more, newer TFs ;-)) I have quite a bit to get rid of (mostly Armada, Energon, Beast Wars, Beast Machines, and some japanese stuff). I will be putting them up for sale in batches over the next few weeks. So if you are looking for something that isn't on the list, drop me a line. (I'm quite new to this forum, haven't mastered the PM thing yet. You can email me at

    Unless otherwise stated, most are opened, 100% complete (w. minicons if applicable), have been transformed only once or twice and have only been used for display only. See the pics here:

    Buyer pays shipping. I'll combine shipping costs and pack everything carefully to save you as much money on shipping as possible.

    Anywho, here is the list:

    Blurr w. Minicon 8$
    Cyclonus m. Minicon 8$
    Demolishor w. Minicon 8$
    Hoist w. minicon 10$
    Hot Shot w. Minicon 6$
    Jetfire w. Minicon 25$
    Laserbeak 6$
    Megatron w. Minicon 40$
    Minicon Adventure Team 6$
    Minicon Destruction Team 6$
    Minicon Race Team 6$
    Minicon Sea Team 6$
    Minicon Space Team 6$
    Minicon Street Team 4$ (Grindor has a little paint on torso)
    Optimus Prime w. Minicon 40$
    Overload w. Minicon 30$
    Red Alert w. Minicon 30$
    Scavenger w. Minicon 20$
    Sideswipe w. Minicon 6$
    Sideways w. Minicons 6$
    Smokescreen w. Minicon 6$
    Tidal Wave 40$

    You can email me at


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