2D Artwork: Some random completed pictures (Post BM)

Discussion in 'Transformers Fan Art' started by SmokedToast, May 3, 2007.

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    Uh hey guys. I haven't posted here before, so I guess I should introduce myself a bit. I"m SmokedToast, known in some places as PY Primal and the current administrator/Moderator for the current incarnation of the old Oracle of Cybertron RPG. (findable in my profile) I'm also the whacko behind the massive OoC BIo Database project found here. http://oracle.secondpulsar.net/
    I've done a lot of post BM art, mostly set in the Beast Machines Generation 3 and Generation 2 eras of the OoC RPG... figured I'd show some of my new stuff here, get people's opinions on it. Done up a lot of legacy gestault teams as well for the group.
    BM 2nd Generation Blades
    "Neo-Decepticon" Militia Ninja in Training Naraku! Original character concept by Haretrigger.
    Neo Leo Kaiser... there's 2 other components to this one, and this is the first attempt at drawing the combined form that I could finish.
    Neo Terrorcons Cutthroat and Rippersnapper having a 'discussion'. Cutthroat's a Vulture/Rat fuzor and Ripp's a Hyena/Shark fuzor.
    COuple members of a subgroup of the Neo Decepticons.... Horrorcons, for the most part an amazon group of techno-organics who's bot modes are all influenced by horror concepts.
    From left to right on these guys...>
    Slaghappy (Snow leopard alt mode : succubus influence), Fuelpump (Gargoyle like alien alt mode : Vampire influence), Turnskin (Dire Wolf alt mode : Werewolf influence), Femurspike(Alien Exoskeletoned Wolf alt mode : Skeleton influence), and Voorhees (Dolphin alt mode : Jason influence)
    Any crits or comments guys?
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    neat ideas

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