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    EDIT - LOT IS SOLD TO GIGA LEO, sorry to the other guys who PM'd me, he was first.

    I just really want to get these guys out of my house, but don't wanna toss them

    they are

    a knock off busformer, his name is SHUTTLE BUS, sais so right on the front of the bus.

    a junker classic prime which I tried to remove the paint from one arm, and it made it go, faded white, which I can't seem to fix. so I just took a sharpie marker and made him look as good as I can lol he has no accessories. he would be perfect for anyone who has a powered commander or one of those combining trailers, and just needs a bot to hold the armour together

    and a ROTF rampage who is mint and complete, I don't want him anymore, cuz he's red in the movie. im gonna just buy the red one if/when he comes out.

    Take the whole lot for 5 bucks, plus 5 bucks shipping anywhere in the US and Canada. (sorry no international, unless you wanna pay crazy amount for shipping)

    Payment by PayPal only please!

    EDIT .. uh, hang on, trying to attatch a photo

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    pm sent

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