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Discussion in 'Transformers Toy Discussion' started by Gigatron_2005, May 16, 2007.

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    Okay. So I go to my local Target today to get the Movie Preview toys . And I was surprised to see that the movie deluxes were already out (sadly, no more Classics :( ). So Im looking through these. I see a Brawl, a Swindle, a few Bonecrushers. And Im really confused on what I want to get.

    What toys are available right now? I dont care for the bot mode on a lot of these deluxe toys. Are there going to be larger versions out later that are more accurate looking (Like something more along Alternators size?)? Also, any idea of what toys are shortpacked? I always get hosed with not being able to find shortpacked toys, so what should I be looking out for? Also, is there supposed to be a lot of tape holding the bubble onto the back of the cards?

    Anyway, I walked out with just a Movie Preview Prime. Looks pretty cool in its packaging, I might not even remove it. Also, how is Movie Preview Starscream? I passed on that since it looked kinda fugly to me. Should I go back and pick one up?
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    hi,there,i think i like both of the protoform, they look like something new to me and match up the certain level of the original design.

    I think this is the best way to explain how they come down to the earth. rocks are better than space ark, dunt know why
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    I recommend picking up Brawl. He's pretty nifty in both modes.

    Bonecrusher has a great Alt. mode, and an on par bot mode. You'll have to know and like the character to like the bot mode.

    Swindle is pretty out there. Great car mode, and a cool bot mode. Keep in mind he is a drone, and is used as cannon fodder in the game.

    Overall, if you have to get one, I'd say get Brawl. Probably the coolest if you're not attached to Bonecrusher like I am.

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