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    Guys, i don't see if these news has been posted but i put here anyway.
    According to Transformers Live Action Movie Blog

    There's some news about the trailer gets online..

    Here's the first one:

    Alternate Trailer Cuts?

    Nelson,'s admin, has posted two comments on the forums relating to the new Transformers 2 trailer debuting with Wolverine and online tomorrow (or view bootleg version here).

    The first answers questions on why the HD version of the trailer isn't getting released early.

    There are contractual agreements with Yahoo I believe. Plus there has been a small recall on the video for color correction purposes.

    Nelson didn't indicate if this could cause a delay with the planned 3PM EST official release of the trailer tomorrow.

    The second comment indicates that Bay might be planning some with some of the May movie releases.

    Just spoke to Mike.

    He indicated that there *might* be different cuts for the other movies this trailer is attached to: Star Trek and Terminator Salvation.

    Note the emphasis on "might". Don't assume and get upset if this doesn't occur as probably at the idea stage. I am guessing it will only work for theatres that have a digital setup as I don't see the studio paying for printing and shipping alternate cuts of the trailer. Hopefully more details will get released next week if the plan goes forward. Thanks to Michael for the links.

    And here's part two:

    Online Trailer Debut Delayed?

    "Coming Soon" is reporting that the new Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen trailer "will come online today (Thursday) at 4:30pm Pacific Time!" This is 4.5 hours later then originally planned time of 12pm PST. A possible cause is Nelson's report of needed color correction. However, the delay also conveniently places the debut after E.T. will premiere the trailer in most markets.

    So, i don't know if this will happen, What do you think?.. The "color Correction" part is kind of weird..

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