Minor/Repaint: Some Modifications

Discussion in 'Radicons Customs' started by DrawerDemon, Aug 18, 2005.

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    Here's some Mods I did a couple years back, and one that's pretty recent.

    Machine Wars Optimus Prime-
    The damned mouth bugged me. I used Testors modelling putty to "sculpt" a faceplate, and carved the Autobot symbol out of his original chest sticker.
    I think I used a combination of spraypaint and Testors model paints to recolor him, and a teeny tiny technical marker to do his panel lines, Gundam style.
    He's packing a spare PM Op rifle I had kicking around.

    Windcharger's Gun-
    After sifting through my parts box and checking different sizes, I settled on a spare Sludge missle. The gold chrome doesn't really thrill me, but I do like the gun as a snub-nose.
    To put hole in the missle, I used the "hot nail through plastic" method. For the metal pin, I ripped up a junker BW Scorponok.

    And, finally,
    G1 Optimus-
    His windows had yellowed, his stickers were crap, and it always bugged me that you can see right through his chest.
    I slipped a small strip of dark blue lighting gel in between his chest and the clear window insert.
    Took off the arm stickers for the cartoony look, and clipped the pin under his chin, allowing head movement.
    (Works great on Ultra Magnus also)

    That's what I got...
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    That Windcharger gun barrel looks great, aside from the gold chrome not blending in. Nice idea!

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