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Discussion in 'Creative General Discussion' started by Orodruin, Jan 4, 2006.

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    So I'm working on custom #3, black Tracks. I took a TRU reissue, took him apart and went to town with the Krylon Fushion. I think I should've washed it first since there's a few spots the paint didn't stick to very well. Which leads to the problem:

    I tried to put him back together and hit a snag (aside from forgetting to put the head back in)- the feet won't fit. I think I basically put too much paint on and made them too wide, more so on the leg sections than the feet themselves. Any ideas on how I should fix this? I thought about trying to either scrape some of the paint off or file it down but I thought it safer to ask first.
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    Yeap. Fusion goes on kinda thick. You got to be careful with it around joints. Try using some sandpaper first before you get the file out. You should be able to sand the paint off enough where the parts will fit. Sand a little, test it, sand some more, etc. until it fits properly. Start off with some coarse (200 grit) paper and when you get the fit right, buff it up with some 400-600 grit paper. Be careful not to ruin the finish on visible parts though. :thumbs2: 


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