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Discussion in 'Creative General Discussion' started by Alteron_Sheng, Mar 4, 2010.

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    Well, I found out about this forum from a very good friend of mine (Hi, Nate!) and with the kudos from him and some other friends on this forum board, I figured it'd be worth asking for some help.

    I'm not a master kitbasher, no Frenzy.rumble or Jin Saotome here (I'm also really REALLY recent to discovering that there are other kitbashers out there, so I only know those two thus far). I just take the toys I have and repaint or remodel them to make them more fun for me to display or play with.
    What I'm working on now is a Superion set. I've got the molds for the five and am working out the details of shoulder and hip joints and such, but I've run into something that I could REALLY use a hand with...

    I'd prefer to re-shell the toys as opposed to scratch-building. I've done scratch building before and I can never get it as clean or detailed as I'd like.
    The main problem I've hit is that I don't know airplane models that well. Does anyone know if there is a scale where an F-15 would be about 10-12 inches in length, nosecone to tailfin?

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