2D Artwork: Some Assorted TF Concepts

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    Here are a few of my concept Transformers for a series I really want to start animating but will likely never get around to doing, sketched in a few minutes when I was tired and/or bored. Regardless!

    It's probably easy to work out who's who, but just for clarification, from left to right it's:

    Starscream, done during an exam revision session. I think I got the proportions a little off, particularly on the legs, but I think I pulled off a few homages to past Screamers in there as well! I have a full transformation scheme worked out for this guy, too.

    Shockwave, done over a drink in my university bar. I wanted to give him a full-fledged cannon arm like Energon Shockblast, yet maintain the same iconic Shockwave look.

    Astrotrain. He's the least homage-tastic of these characters, as I wanted to see how I could make him as big and bulky as possible, and felt that the best way to achieve that would be to imagine a multiple-carriage train collapsing into itself. With lots and lots of little wheels dotted around him.

    Astrotrain again, only this time done with a bit better proportions and a design that factors in his jet mode as well as his train one.

    And Shockwave again, done as a reference to this comic cover.

    Hope you like them!


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