So my band is getting a new singer

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Mike, Nov 5, 2007.

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    My band Big City Thieves decided that we need a new singer, its been a long time coming and the bassist and myself feels its just the best thing for the band since our singer.. really can't sing. The three of us have been a band for 8 months, we've performed all over southern Ontario together, we've made money at shows, we've recorded a 9 song demo at a local recording studio, we've been on college radio stations, we have a band logo, shirt designs, online websites (although not our own domain, just myspace, purevolume, etc)

    Now the bassist and I have always treated this band as a business, we are a pretty serious band, and our overall goal is to make it big. Might or might not happen, but we're giving it a full shot anyways.

    But since we gave the singer the boot on Oct 19th, he's been pretty pissed off, and is telling us we can't use the band name, nor any of the songs, because he sais he wrote them, that they are his songs, and we have no right to use any part of them.

    We disagree, and believe other wise. We ALL helped write the songs as they are on the demo, and we believe we have the majority right to use the songs if we choose to.

    Are we right, or are we wrong?

    And the name, was never trademarked, technically any joe blow could take our name, and use if it. But our ex-singer is trying to tell us, we can't use it at all, that it belongs to him since he came up with it. Now maybe he did, I dunno, I joined the band at a later time then both of them, but I wrote all my original drum beats for the songs along with most of the lead guitar parts. I created all original artwork with the name in it, I turned the name into a logo that we use online and on our demo's, I'm pretty sure sinceI was the only member of the band to put the name in any kind of physical form, that it belongs to me (artistic works).

    Is there anyone here who can help us out with some information? What we're entitled to, and what we're not?

    We wanna obviously find a new singer and keep the songs going as they are on our demo (maybe change some of the lyrics)
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    If you didn't trademark the name or publish any lyrics, you aren't entitled to keep anything. But he's not able to stop you either.
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    big city thieves? im getting an inexplicable country vibe from that.

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