so close i can taste it, but...

Discussion in 'Transformers Toy Discussion' started by jorod74, Feb 9, 2011.

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    we have been getting a nice- even fantastic run of molds and designs lately. and even outside HasTakaTomy circles, we are getting some damn fine product. (okay, for the most part, we are.)
    and every time i look at the Generations/RTS lines, i salivate.

    i am salivating because we are THIS close to getting even better figures.

    The manufacturers have been cautious, but have nonetheless released figures like Tomahawk, Terradive, and even tertiary characters like Thunderwing and Staxus.

    I am pretty sure we will get Beast Wars or Beast Machines homages first. But that isn't what i am looking forward to.

    I am looking forward to more mainline figures from the comics and other media. Drift sold well, so what would harm HasTakaTomy from tossing War Within figures our way in the near future?

    I may selling myself too much of my own hope and hype. i don't care. the idea of getting figures that keep getting better and better (DotM be damned, lol) is my current happy place.

    we are so close, don't ya think?
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    I dunno...they (Hasbro) did a lot of War Within figures through the 6" Titanium line...

    I'm just thrilled that they (Hasbro again) have stuck with the Classics line (now Generations/RTS) so we'd have something special to collect...I know that outside of Classics and third party releases I wouldn't be buying Transformers right now if they we'rnt on the shelves...

    I'm just enjoying this ride and hoping we get ALL the G1 characters revised within this line...

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