Snarl, Arcee & Oil Slick Transformers Animated Figures (Loose)

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    Additional Botcon 2012 Auctions & Other Transformers Auctions.

    • Do not include instructions
    • Opened and displayed
    • Transformed once; joints are tight
    • Sold as is, please consult pictures for condition
    • Adult collectible, not a toy
    • Adult owned from private collection, stored in a dust-free, smoke-free, pet-free, child-free, climate controlled environment.

    SNARL Transformers Animated Dinobot Autobot Hasbro 2008 | eBay


    ARCEE Transformers Animated Autobot Hasbro 2008 | eBay

    • Lips have been painted pink


    OIL SLICK Oilslick Transformers Animated Decepticon Hasbro 2008 | eBay


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