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    So, I've finally finished a "Classics" Smallfoot to go on my shelf next to the original Gobots version. The body is DotM Specialist Ratchet, with a modified Classics Hound head and new hands scavenged from a broken Gundam.

    There might be a few tweaks to come... I might add an antenna area, and I'm not completely happy with the dish(I took some photos with it extended, but the molding from the old Gundam shield was still really visible... think I'm just going to put a silver foil sticker over the top.)







    Autobot Scout
    Altenate Mode: Storm chasing truck

    Strength: 4
    Intelligence: 8
    Speed: 3
    Endurance: 9
    Rank: 3
    Courage: 10
    Fireblast: 4
    Skill: 6

    "Believe in yourself, even if no one else does!"

    Before the war, Smallfoot worked for Cybertronian Intelligence, her vast array of scanners put to use in crime scene investigation. As fighting broke out, she begged for a position on the front line but was often shot down, being deemed too valuable as an analytical resource. After the fall of Cybertron, she eventually found her way to Earth and joined the Autobots there. She found her place under the command of Bumblebee, finally being assigned to the frontlines as a scout and spy, eventually assigning her to the newly formed Global Operations team. She's an important asset both for that team's Earth peacekeeping mission, as well as the main Autobot team.

    Some people are glass half full, others are glass half empty. Smallfoot will see the glass as completely full of both water and air, and won't hesitate to tell anyone who'll listen. She's an eternal optimist, able to draw something positive from even the most dire of circumstances. Even though her missions have shown her the worst of both humans and Cybertronians, she never stops looking for the best. While most Autobots find her attitude refreshing, even inspiring, a few find her intolerable and will do anything to avoid her company(especially Gears).
    An off-shoot of Smallfoot's never say die attitude is that she's become something of a thrill seeker. She'll often rush into battle, even if she's outnumbered or against a more powerful foe. She's also not afraid to challenge other Autobots to contests, even if she's hopelessly outmatched. And when she inevitably loses, she'll always pat her opponent on the back and assure them she'll get them next time. Even when she's not on assignment for the Autobots, she'll often charge into the middle of a storm in her alternate mode.
    Though Vertex is the leader of the Global Operations team, Smallfoot is arguably its heart and soul. She's the member most dedicated to its peacekeeping objective, and she can often bridge the gap between the various members and their own agendas.

    Smallfoot's array of onboard scanners is second to none. She can fine tune her audio receptors to isolate a single conversation in a concert hall, and can see in every part of the spectrum. She can detect even the most minute traces of chemicals and radiation, making her invaluable in tracking down Decepticons.
    In her alternate mode, Smallfoot can tether to the ground and remain motionless in the face of an EF5 tornado, and her chassis can shrug off strikes from even large pieces of debris, while her doppler radar can detect details of a storm cell from hundreds of miles away. She once went on a British automobile show and emerged unscathed from a variety of tests, including being submerged in water and surrounded by flames.
    She has full access to all her scanners in robot mode as well, and her doppler radar dish can be reconfigured to deflect energy strikes. She carries a plasma pulse rifle, but its energy output is low compared to other Autobots. She's also concealed two spectral phase lasers atop her hands, though she must show down most of her scanning arrays to use them.

    "It takes a special kind of crazy to drive into the heart of a storm, even for an Autobot! But Smalls ain't no ordinary 'Bot. She's got courage to spare, whether she's facing down an entire squad of Decepticons or steppin' between Turbo and Treads when they get on each other's nerves. Only thing she's gotta learn now is to temper her guts with wisdom. Hopefully Bumblebee can teach her that, before she charges in to face Devastator solo. And I wouldn't put it past her!"
    - Jazz

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    neat!!!! even though i've never personally watched gobots, this custom is pretty cool.
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    hahaha nice hi-lux/top gear callout.

    this is pretty nice. Not sure I feel the head, but not bad overall.
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    Very nice work! In retrospect, the deluxe Ratchet is a near-perfect choice for her. Heck, I think it makes her look a little more feminine.

    The bio's pretty awesome too. She sounds like she'd get along well with Glyph.

    My only concrit would be that the paint could be a little smoother on the abdominal area and the head, but even then the work's still impressive. Nice choice for the head, too.
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    In the darkness...
    Awesome custom, always love the Gobot updates! And love the bio. :thumb  Hasbro we need more Gobots!!! :) 

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