Small trade list, G1 acc's, TFTM figs, Uni.Figs...

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    Here is my small list of trade items, not much but worth a shot.

    I've included my parts want list here, but my more extensive want list is in my sig.

    LMK if you want anything here, thx.

    P.S. I'm not buying anything ATM..

    ~~Stuff I have for trade~~


    -G1 Targetmaster Nebulan Spoilsport for Sureshot
    -G1 Thundercracker small blue horizontal wings (small peg) R+L
    -G1 Devastator head
    -G1 Optimus Prime left fist (regular NON-bloated)
    -G2 Dev. Left forearm [Bonecrushers]


    -G1 Actionmaster Bumblebee w/helicopter pack
    -G1 Thundercracker body
    -G1 Scrapper, bot only, played with condition
    -G1 Scavenger, Bot only, very loose, played with condition
    -G1 Lightspeed, missing bumper

    -G2 Silverbolt junker

    (All movie stuff complete w/cardback or packaging)
    -TFTM Barricade
    -TFTM Jazz
    -TFTM Ratchet
    -TFTM Bumblebee (classic Camaro)
    -TFTM Protoform Prime
    -TFTM Protoform Screamer
    -TFTM Brawl
    -TFTM Powerhook FAB Prime
    -TFTM Real gear blue cell phone
    -TFTM real gear camera
    -TFTM Binoculars

    -Universe Arcee MOSC
    -Universe Tiny Tin Downshift MOSC
    -Universe Perceptor complete w/pkg, opened
    -Universe Insecticon complete w/pkg, opened

    -Cybertron Legends Target 4-pack (Megs, SW, Jetfire, OP) MISB

    -Beast wars parts bots, all missing something. plz see pic & ask for specifics (Injector, Retrax, Ironhide)
    -McDonalds BM Cheetor


    -Star Wars POTF Imperial Speeder Bike w/Biker Scout, complete in box, opened & removed once
    -Microman Biomachine set (complete set of 4, 30th anniversary released in 2004 I believe)

    PC Games - all used, but complete w/box, instructions, etc.
    -Quake 4, DVD edition
    -Splinter Cell Chaos Theory DVD edition
    -Star Wars Battlefront CD edition
    -FEAR CD edition
    Playstation1 - Castlevania Symphony of the night


    Stuff I need

    Accessories Needed
    1-Devastator: Green wasteband

    2-Jetfire: ALL accessories

    3-TM Slugslinger: Nebulan Caliburst & small gun

    4-TM Triggerhappy: Small gun that attaches to his Nebulan

    5-TM Spinister: Nebulan Singe

    6-TM Pointblank: Nebulan Peacemaker & Blue shield (Or I might take a complete Pointblank to get these)

    7-Blurr: shield(non-targetmaster)

    8-Kup: handgun (non-targetmaster)

    9-Ratchet: red peg

    10-Sunstreaker: 1 left fist

    11-Grimlock: handgun, sword, missile launcher & missiles

    12-Beastbox: 1 chrome gun

    13-Rewind: 1 chrome gun

    14-Slugfest: 2 chrome guns

    15-Sandstorm: 1 black handgun

    16-Hoist: Orange lift

    17-Thundercracker: small blue wings(large peg), 1 small missile & 2 long missiles

    Devastator Right Forearm (Scavengers) & Right Fist

    G1 Bot parts needed
    TM Blurr Right hand, or junker w/right hand intact

    G1 Figures Priority:
    1-Landfill, body only needed

    2-Squawktalk, complete preferably

    3-Terrorcon Rippersnapper (nice condition, no discoloring) body only, no acc's needed

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