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Discussion in 'Radicons Customs' started by MpCollector81, Feb 10, 2018.

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    So I didn't want to be looking inside my seeker's cockpits for some stylistic reason, but I didn't want to paint them either (because I do sloppy paint jobs) and then it came to me.

    Tin foil behind dead eyes can make for lively looking bots. Why not do the same with a seeker cockpit? Using 1 piece as a test and layering on another helps give some flex and reduce crinkles. I know Michael's crafts has chrome craft paper that would probably look more smooth so I might retry this again with proper supplies.

    So far its not bad for a quick attempt. Just needs some adjustment for a more snug fit to clean up that chest gap. A happy alternative for someone who doesn't want to mess around with paint.

    From a distance they look spiffy, but if anyone has a better example let me know.

    28035226_10160188057645037_362956037_o.jpg 28035226_10160188057645037_362956037_o.jpg

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    Actually, this works out better than paint in my opinion. It also gives it somewhat of a cartoony look to it, which works. Good job!
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