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    Symmetrics Pro Cycling Comic Book

    The Norco-sponsored, Symmetrics Pro Cycling team --also known as the "S-Team" will be hitting the pages of comic books! After a great start to the season, I'm proud to announce that in early June, the team will be releasing a 16-page, full colour promotional comic book, starring "The S-Team."

    The comic book was written and created by our PR writer, Matt Hansen, who works in the comic book industry as his day job. Matt is the Editor in Chief of Marvel Comics' Dabel Brothers line, which adapts best-selling novels and films to comic books and graphic novels. To pencil the comic, Matt chose Eduardo Ferigato, a professional comic artist from Glass House Graphics, an art studio known for its work with several famous Marvel and DC titles like Spiderman, X-Men, or Superman, to name a few. To color the book, is another Matt, Matt Moylan, who has worked with many notable franchises, including "The Transformers" comic books.

    The story will feature the entire S-Team in a larger than life adventure, all by bike! The comic will also have all pertinent info to the team and will serve as a press kit for fans, supporters, and sponsors. We'll be giving these comics away at all the big races, such as Philly Week, BC Superweek, the National Championships, and so on.

    This comic is very exciting for us as it really does transcend our riders to superhero status! Not only are they dedicated, extraordinary athletes, but they also serve as positive role models for children demonstrating health, wellness and teamwork. Look for the "S-Team" branding on t-shirts (which will be available for sale) and other posters, very soon!
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    Big ups to Matt.

    Glad it's a giveaway, though, 'cause I'd feel bad not supporting a board contributor by not buying it. Which I wouldn't ever do.

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