Slight Rant About Storefront Checkouts with Paypal

Discussion in 'Transformers Toy Discussion' started by Dr. Grimlockisking, Mar 15, 2011.

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    I placed an order with a collectible store I've used before, and never had any problems with. But, I have to say, after the customer service I've gotten today, I doubt I'll ever deal with them again.

    I ordered a United Wreck-Gar from them, was going through the checkout process, and everything was fine, sent my payment, and all was good. Showed up in their system, everything's peachy. I log into my account there today, and they tell me I need to contact paypal to resolve an issue with the payment (keeping in mind, they didn't email me, call me or anything, just updated my order history with a note) saying they didn't get it. Ok, so I contact paypal, and they confirm that I checked out using the storefront, but the issue is on the merchant end, saying they had the incorrect email address in there (why, I don't know, but phone calls and emails to them thus far are unreturned) so now I have to go through the formal dispute process with Paypal, HOPING the wrong email address will just refund it so it's quicker, otherwise it's going to take even longer. What annoys me is in their storefront checkout process, there is no way to verify the email it's going to, it's simply "choose your bank account" and then "pay now" on the checkout page. At least most of the other ones show the email address, but it didn't last time. And there was zero chance of it being a hijacking on my page, the firewalls and security systems used by my work are, to put it lightly, the best available in the government sector.

    Sorry, overall, not a huge issue, just really annoyed me, and makes me very appreciative of the other stores I go to. I'm done with this one after I get my last pre-order and this Wreck-Gar (assuming they don't sell him to someone else, even though it's THEIR screw-up the payment didn't go to the right email address).

    End rant. Sorry, don't normally do this, but really frustrated me after spending 45 minutes on the phone with paypal to have them tell me to do what I already did in filing a dispute.

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