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    As the dust is starting to settle from the announcement of no third party merchandise will be allowed at the largest TF convention. We at Slagacon would like to take a moment and express where we stand on this topic.

    We understand why the toy and gaming giant does not want third party items at their convention. Everyone has read that by this point. While we do understand their point of view, we do not share it. It is our belief at Slagacon that the third party items only strengthen an aging fanbase that we cater to. Yes, we do welcome all TF fans to come and join the fun every year but 99% of our attendees are 25 to 40 years of age. Not all of our attendees are impressed with the newer productlines but they are intrigued by the third party items. This made the decision to allow dealers to have third party items at Slagacon an easy choice. We welcome any dealer to join us at Slagacon and they can promote any third party items they wish. We appreciate all of the attendees and dealers that come from all over the midwest to enjoy Slagacon and cannot wait to see you all in October!

    Come on! Let’s be Daring! Last one in is a rusty herring!

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