SL Galvatron G, Nightscream R, Wheeljack + lots of other stuff

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    On the basis of oh-so-selflessly contributing to the community I thought I would share the fact that I'm listing a number of Transformers, a few of which it seems people actually want. Plus, this way you get to laugh at bunch of awful pictures of (intentionally) mistransformed TFs in one thread!

    (All in-box and complete, TFs in excellent condition)
    [EBAYLINK="220615014592"]Galvatron General[/EBAYLINK]
    [EBAYLINK="220615020408"]Nightscream R[/EBAYLINK]

    (loose, in fantastic condition somehow)
    [EBAYLINK="220613977716"]Microman Kicker[/EBAYLINK]

    Energon (loose, but in terrific condition, all accessories unless stated otherwise)
    [EBAYLINK="220615046051"]Duststorm 1[/EBAYLINK]
    [EBAYLINK="220615048449"]Duststorm 2[/EBAYLINK]

    Armada (see above)
    [EBAYLINK="220614898523"]Tidal Wave[/EBAYLINK] (missing missiles)
    [EBAYLINK="220615191333"]Requiem Blaster minicon team[/EBAYLINK]
    [EBAYLINK="220615193754"]Air Assault/Dark Saber minicon team[/EBAYLINK]

    Other stuff (see Energon)
    [EBAYLINK="220615065416"]Alternators Hound[/EBAYLINK]
    [EBAYLINK="220615042539"]Universe 1.0 Skywarp[/EBAYLINK] (missing one missile)
    [EBAYLINK="220615066115"]Universe 1.0 Inferno[/EBAYLINK]
    [EBAYLINK="220615067058"]Cybertron Override[/EBAYLINK]
    [EBAYLINK="220615061746"]Cybertron Ransack[/EBAYLINK]
    [EBAYLINK="220615071224"]20 Assorted Spec cards[/EBAYLINK]

    ...this is what happens when eBay lets you throw things at the wall to see what sticks.
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