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    Here are the transformers that I have for sale or trade. I have taken great care with these transformers and basically took them out of their boxes and put them on my shelves.

    For shipping I will ask what type of shipping is preferred by the buyer (or trader), and the shipping cost for me will be exactly what I would “charge” you. Basically you call how I ship. All items with a “B” next to them mean that I kept the box for the fig and will ship it in the box so no damage will happen during shipping.

    For trades, I currently don’t have a wants list, but if you have a trades list I will be willing to negotiate (also on prices). If wanting to buy multiple items I will be more likely to consider offers.

    Thanks for looking!!!

    Deluxe Hotshot - $9
    Deluxe Sideways - $9

    Scout Insecticon - $5

    Voyager Tread Bolt - $20

    Cybertron (all cyber keys included):
    Deluxe Sideways - $8
    Voyager Scattershot - $19
    Voyager Jetfire - $19
    Deluxe Red Alert - $9

    1st Movie:
    Deluxe Brawl - $6
    Deluxe Barricade B - $7

    Voyager Ironhide B - $13
    Deluxe Ravage B - $6
    Scout Reverb B - $5
    Deluxe Rampage B - $6
    Scout Dune Runner B - $5
    Scout Dune runner -$4
    Scout Scalpel B - $4
    Deluxe Armorhide B - $8
    Deluxe Arcee B - $8
    Deluxe Arcee - $6
    Deluxe Chromia B - $8
    Deluxe Jolt B - $8
    Voyager Whirl B - $16

    Junkers (sort of: like missing a missile):
    Deluxe Demolisher (Armada) -$4
    Deluxe Snow Cat (Energon) -$4
    Voyager Ironhide (TFTM) -$5
    Voyager Starscream (Animated) -$2
    Deluxe Snarl (Animated) -$4

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