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    Bad digibash I did of a custom i might attempt. The head is rubbish but is meANt to be a sixshot esQue head with six bug like eyes. C AND C WELCOME. I think the extra parts would attatch with magnets *(Jet front and cat head) and the wings would be stuck on (haven't decided from which figure) and the car part would attatch via the 5mm clipp on the bottom of Shockers gun. Obviously i would give him a lick of paint.
    Gun: [​IMG]
    Armoured vechile: [​IMG]
    Jet: [​IMG]
    Robot: [​IMG]
    Tank: [​IMG]
    And my favourite, wolf: [​IMG]
    I also had an idea to make a Dezarus out of the weaponless shockers i would have, Dragon wings would attatch on the place where the arms do in tank mode (Don't know what wings i would use though)
    I would probably get someone else to do the head

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