By Generation: Simple RiD Scourge Leg Modification

Discussion in 'Tutorials and How Tos' started by MegaMoonMan, Oct 27, 2005.

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    That trailer hitch sticking out all the time bugged me, so I fixed it!


    It slides in and out of his leg now (it stays attached), and it's easy to do if you want.

    Take the four screws out of his lower leg (the part with the hitch in it). Once you get it apart, you'll see that the hitch is a separate part that can slide into the leg. Notice the two black posts on the other side of the leg that butt up against the hitch when the leg is assembled.

    Cut those two posts out for some sliding action. If you want it to go further in, the hitch is made of a soft, easy to cut plastic. Cut a couple millimeters of plastic off the inside part of the hitch, making it shorter. Don't cut too much off, or it will slide all the way into the leg.

    I left just enough sticking out to get a hold of, I carved a small notch across the hitch so I can [grab] it with my fingernails.

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