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    Crap crap crap!!!!!!!! Well with all my time off over the last few, and probably next few, weeks, I've been working on my customs.. A lot.. Anyway.. I think I really messed up on my prime's chest pieces (again :redface2: ) SO!! Here's the thing. I have TRADES! I have a lot of other Prime parts from a previous trade.. or was it a purchase... IDK, none the less, I have parts of him, Sidearm Sideswipe, a voyager RotF SS Complete, amongst other things.. I'll even paint for the parts I need if I have to :(  I just don't have any money right now, and won't until I start working again :( . If anyone has a set of chest windows for a prime that I could trade for, I would really like the help. This whole living off of customs things is a real PITA.. :(  Thanks guys

    EDIT: Never mind guys, I found out that the paint I used was able to just be stripped off. Thanks to anyone who was gonna help though.

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