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    Apr 5, 2009
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    Hi all!

    I just listed 14 import TransFormers. All are Buy It Now listings with free domestic shipping. I tried to list them with very reasonable prices.

    International shipping is available and I will combine on multiple purchases.

    TRANSFORMERS ENCORE 16 BRUTICUS COMBATICONS BOX SET - eBay (item 130348066216 end time Dec-01-09 12:53:20 PST)

    TRANSFORMERS ENCORE 17 CASSETTE BIG MISSION SET #2 - eBay (item 130348081374 end time Dec-01-09 14:07:39 PST)

    TRANSFORMERS ALTERNITY A-01 NISSAN GT-R BLACK CONVOY - eBay (item 130348083686 end time Dec-01-09 14:21:23 PST)

    TRANSFORMERS ALTERNITY NISSAN FAIRLADY Z BLACK MEGATRON - eBay (item 130348084748 end time Dec-01-09 14:27:21 PST)

    TRANSFORMERS ALTERNITY NISSAN FAIRLADY Z BLUE MEGATRON - eBay (item 130348085303 end time Dec-01-09 14:30:58 PST)

    TRANSFORMERS HENKEI CLASSICS D-01 MEGATRON - eBay (item 130348087581 end time Dec-01-09 14:44:58 PST)

    TRANSFORMERS HENKEI CLASSICS C-04 MIRAGE (LIGIER) - eBay (item 130348088461 end time Dec-01-09 14:51:07 PST)

    TRANSFORMERS HENKEI CLASSICS C-11 IRONHIDE - eBay (item 130348088785 end time Dec-01-09 14:53:11 PST)

    TRANSFORMERS HENKEI CLASSICS C-06 SKYFIRE / JETFIRE - eBay (item 130348089164 end time Dec-01-09 14:55:49 PST)

    TRANSFORMERS HENKEI CLASSICS C-09 SIDESWIPE - eBay (item 130348089382 end time Dec-01-09 14:57:02 PST)

    TRANSFORMERS HENKEI CLASSICS C-10 STREAK / BLUESTREAK - eBay (item 130348089996 end time Dec-01-09 15:00:36 PST)

    TRANSFORMERS HENKEI CLASSICS C-12 BEAST WARS CHEETOR - eBay (item 130348090887 end time Dec-01-09 15:03:46 PST)

    TRANSFORMERS HENKEI CLASSICS C-14 RATCHET - eBay (item 130348091148 end time Dec-01-09 15:05:08 PST)

    Please pm me if you have any questions. Thanks!

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