Shroud Trilogy: Book One: Awakening

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    Hello peeps! Titanic X here with my new fanfiction, the Shroud Trilogy. It chronicles the adventures of the Armada crew and my new fancharacter, Shroud and a few new Decepticons of my own creation. Hope you review. Positve feedback means new updates when I get the chance. Here's a preview of what's to come.:p 

    The lightning flashed as the battle raged. Optimus growled slightly. 'This isn't looking too good!' he thought.

    Megatron laughed as a laser explosion echoed in the background. "Give it up, Prime!" he yelled. "You might as well surrender the Minicon right now and I might let you live. If you don't, then I may have to ask Backstrap to get...dirty...with you!" A smirk spread across his face at this.

    Optimus felt his spark skip a pulse at this. Backstrap, he knew, was a very ruthless and efficient Decepticon interrogator.

    "All right. You win Mega..."


    The explosion ripped across the battlefield, louder than the thunder in the air. The smoke cleared, aided by the wind. Backstrap staggered back, clutching at his chest plate. A trail of yellow smoke could be seen curling upwards.

    "What in Primus name was that?!" Blurr shouted.

    Scavenger's optics widened at the sight of the smoke.

    "I think I know," he said.

    "Well. It seems I arrived here just in time," a female voice said.

    "Who is that?!" all five kids shouted as one.

    "It's her!" Demolisher yelled.

    Hope you enjoy the preview!

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