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    About a year ago I started collecting Star Trek. Of course I started with the NX-01 from Art Asylum. I only have five Enterprises so far. I'm still looking for Enterprise E from Diamond Select Toys. I plan on getting the Enterprise B and Kilngon Bird Of Prey that DST will release some this year.

    Each Enterprise has lights and sounds. The quality and details on them has improved since Diamond Select Toys took over the line.

    The NX-01 from Art Asylum. The one that started my collection.

    The Original Enterprise from Diamond Select Toys. This one is the HD Version. One of many variants. One feature I really like on this one is when you hold down on the Bridge button for a few seconds, the light will stay on.

    The next Enterprise is the Refit version from The Motion Picture, Wrath of Khan, and Search For Spock. All of the sounds on this on are from Wrath of Khan. My one downside to this one is it lacks the *lights staying on feature*. When you hold down on the Bridge button, it just cycles through the lights and sounds.

    Now here's my favorite one so far. Enterprise D from Diamond Select Toys. It has the same light and sound features as the other ships. The lights can be left on this one too. In addition to all this the Saucer Section can separate, and even has it's own light and sound features. The Saucer is held onto the secondary section by a really strong magnet. It holds very well, and it take some effort to get them apart. Also an additional smaller stand for either section is included and can be stored in the larger stand.

    And last is the Alternate Enterprise from Star Trek. This one was done by Playmates I think, and the quality and detail is decent when compared to the other Enterprises. The sounds are from the movie, however the spoken dialogue (sp?) sounds are generic voices and not the actors themselves. This Enterprise also lacks the *lights left on* feature. Hopefully Diamond Select Toys will do their take on this one. Til then I'm content with this on.

    Here's what I like to call Enterprise Row. :) 

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