Shout! Factory Complete Series Bootleg, need help to confirm!

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    Need some help from someone who bought this!

    I recently bought the 15 disc complete series, the one with the silver box holding all the discs inside:


    I got it off Ebay (you know where this is going). The packaging was perfect and sealed, complete with the sticker they put on the plastic wrap, I never suspected until I put the discs in to watch the first episode. Menus and everything were working fine, but the video was HORRIBLY compressed. I know an 80's cartoon on an interlaced DVD wasn't going to be the best picture, but this was too much. I put the disc in my computer and found out it was only 4.35 GB, ie, a single layer DVD. I'm looking for someone to confirm that the official release uses Dual Layer Discs (DVD9) for all 15 discs (except the season 1 special features disc, which I think was originally a DVD5).

    Going off pictures I've found online, there is only one difference I've found in the packaging where the DVDs do not sit in the middle of the DVD cases:

    *Photo from Amazon - if this is not accurate, please let me know.


    Please help me confirm this (I have already contacted Shout! directly, and I'm waiting for their reply). Thanks!

    Edit 1: I've never been the most active member of these boards, so if I posted this in the wrong place, please let me know. Thanks.

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