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    mods: I apologize if this is the wrong place, I tried to reply to the other threads on the topic but don't have access

    I'm sure there's a sticky somewhere that shows how to use each and every feature of the boards, but I haven't read it and I doubt a lot of other people have either :D 

    Social Groups shortcut:
    1. Once you've found your way back to the social group(s), click on the 'Discussion Tools" dropdown at the top right corner of the thread, and select the option to subscribe to the thread.

    2. Set the option whether or not to receive email notifications. If you're new to subscriptions, the options are to get an email every time a reply is posted, an email with a summary each day, or no email at all. I have my FS/T and feedback threads set for instant notification, but stuff like this I have email notification turned off.

    3. From any message board page you'll see the toolbar at the top, starting with "User CP". Click the User CP link and you should see a list of subscribed threads - your social group threads will show up in this list if there are new posts. Use the toolbar on the left of that page to show all subscribed threads if you want to get to a group/thread that isn't on the main Control Panel page.

    4. As you may have noticed, the social groups now start with the first post in the group instead of the last page. I haven't found a way to change that. If you look back at the thread list on the User CP, you'll see the last post info on the right side - "Last by by Cax6ton - date/time". Click the > next to the username and you'll be taken to the last post of the last page.

    5. Remember that the Social Groups now offer multiple threads - you can subscribe to a group instead of a thread if your group starts using that feature.

    It isn't perfect, but it will work if that's what we're stuck with....
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