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    Ok so I hope I'm putting this in the right place but I'm not really sure. I made a little how to guide on how to make a text link in your signature to redirect anyone to your B/S/T list, Feedback list, Ebay account, etc.... So I hope this helps everyone and maybe gets stickied.

    Ok so I'll list these as 1,2,and,3. Look at the picture for reference.

    1 Copy the text to the link you want to direct someone to. Open up your User Control panel and click on the "Edit Signature" link to the left.

    2 Click the "Insert Link" button in the control panel. When that pops up paste the link you just copied into the bar and click ok.

    3 Now find the second set of text that has your link in it. This will be the text that appears before the last [/URL] text, erase what is there and add your own text to create a title.

    And there you have it. Hope this helps.

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