Short review of Classics and Titaniums.

Discussion in 'Transformers Toy Discussion' started by SmokescreenWRX, Oct 31, 2006.

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    I'm not much for reviewing, but I got my pile of loot from Joel's yesterday:

    1. Classics Bumblebee (G1/no vent remold) - 100% Pure Love.

    2. Classics Starscream - With the exception of missing Decepticon glyphs on his wings, this is a wonderful representation and re-imaging of SS, and an F-15. I was expecting the Altmode paintapp to be overwhelming with all the red, but it helps add some life to an otherwise inanimate object. I'm lovin this SS mold. This mold should have been expanded on to become the MP Starscream. I need Skywarp and Thundercracker now!

    3. Classics Hot Rod - I was really hoping to be blown away by Hot Rod, but was left limp. I'll start with the Alt mode. The passenger side quarterpanels don't fit together properly, leaving gaps around the "door." The spoiler just doesn't fit the mold IMHO. Robot mode is almost as bad as the Alt mode. First thing that got me was Hot Rod's head is TINY. Remember the Goombas' heads in the SuperMarioBrothers movie? Yeah. Kinda like that. The "engine block" on his chest overwhelms his head/face as well. What?? No Autobot Glyph on his Chest?? WTF? Poor hip and arm articulation add more to the giant pile of MEH that is Hot Rod.

    Tits Prime, Jetfire and Thundercracker were in the loot, too.

    Overall: The first thing that impressed me was the heft of the figures. Die cast ain't a lost art anymore, Rattrap. The paintapps are bright, and some spots weren't perfect, but I'll chalk that battledamage up to the War on Cybertron. (I was slightly miffed that the paintapps weren't damn near perfect, but I had to rationalize it somehow). Loose joints on the Prime and Jetfire are slightly annoying, but I can look past these slight imperfections.

    Thundercracker's grey head has quite a bit of detailing, and I believe a black paintapp would wash out the intricacies of the tubing and wiring around his mouth -- which reminds me of BM Jetstorm. If you're not skittish about kitbashing, taking a diluted black wash to his head might not be a bad idea.

    Overall the Titanium line can only get better from here, and I can't wait for the rest of the War Within line to get here. (read: WWi Tank Megs, FTW!!)

    For the price points, these lines are the best blend of quality and playability I've come to expect from a Transformers line since Beast Wars. Collectors (read: big kids) have Titanium TFs and parents won't take a huge hit in the wallet if they buy the Classics for the kids. I've got to hand it to Takara/Tomy/Hasbro for stepping up to the plate and hitting an in-the-park Home Run with the potent one-two combo of Tits and Classics.
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