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    Enlightenment Thru Hygiene by ~GigaBombaPylon on deviantART

    After watching Doxology by Michael Langan, I felt compelled to make this piece.
    Here's Mr. Langan's description of the film:
    "Before reaching spiritual enlightenment, one sweater-vested young man must face a dancing Oldsmobile, endure a boozy encounter with God on a frozen tundra, and brush his teeth, comb his hair, floss, Q-Tip, lather and shave simultaneously. “Doxology” combines groundbreaking stop-motion animation techniques and unusual storytelling with the time-honored quest for spiritual awakening."

    Check the film out at this site:
    Cartoon Brew TV #1: Doxology by Michael Langan | Cartoon Brew: Leading the Animation Conversation

    The goal was to make this piece look like a distressed, aged graphic poster that you'd see around 40 of 50 years ago. I think it turned out rather nice

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