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    Hi chaps! Please view lists below! If you haven't anything to trade but really want something then make me an offer. vice-versa! Will consider any trade so let me know. I've put all my wants on there, although I doubt people'll wana trade the likes of Sixshot or MP Skywarp- but you never know! thanks!

    Wants: Obviously I'd like all weapons and in good condition.

    6" Ti Cheetor

    G1 (reissue) Skywarp
    G1 (reissue) Thundercracker

    G1 Tantrum
    G1 Predaking parts (head, feet, fists, Razorclaw's gun)
    G1 Sixshot

    Energon SWAT Prowl, the black Energon Prowl
    Alt Mirage
    MP Skywarp

    Beast Wars GREY Owl Prowl
    Beast Wars Transmetal 2 Tripred' Agent/Ravage
    Beast Wars X 9 Ravage
    Beast Wars 2 Galvatron
    Beast Wars Big Convoy
    Beast Wars Ramulus
    BW Dirge-Gun
    Beast Wars Bazooka
    Beast Wars Jetstorm
    Beast Wars Drill Bit
    Beast Wars Bonecrusher
    Beast Wars Manterror

    Cybertron Defense Red Alert
    Cybertron Defense Scattershot

    KB Spychanger Prowl

    ActionMaster Optimus fig only req
    ActionMaster Megatron fig only req

    Will consider any other Prowls, MPs or Titaniums

    To Trade:
    MOSC Classics Bumblebee
    MOSC Movie Delux Bonecrusher
    MOSC Movie Delux Recon Barricade
    MOSC Movie Delux Landmine

    Talking base for MP Optimus, hardly been used.

    Robot Masters Optimus Prime, all bits&pieces, excel. cond.

    Energon DELUX Optimus - the one that came with in the 2 pack with the reduced sized Megs. No accessories but excellant cond. Virtually unused.

    Armada Optimus -excellant condition, complete (I think! may be missing some bits for base mode I'll have to check), has gun and minicon.
    Armada Jetfire -excellant condition, Minicon has damage to one leg, still works. Has rocket/gun, missing missiles.
    Energon Rodimus -excellant condition, complete with instructions & bio card.

    Movie delux Wreckage - perfect condition, all weapons (decided only want figs from the movie)

    G1 Springer, not great cond. No rotors. Has gun but poor cond.
    G1 Roadblack outer shell only, missing vissor, less than average cond.
    G1 Vroom inner-bot only, ok cond.
    G1 Splashdown inner-bot only, not too good cond, loose hips.
    G1 Bomburst inner-bot only, reasonable condition, some loose joints.

    Classics delux Megatron, complete, excellant cond.

    Radioshack (grey) Shockwave, ok cond. no stickers. Missing battery case cover, but has sight and barrell. Very minor stress mark above right leg. Joints tight. Don't know if electrics work or not.

    G2 Terradive, Green and black 'Con jet -excellant condidtion, no gun.

    Beast Wars Injector
    Beast Wars Sky Shadow

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