Shipping issues from The Phillipines?

Discussion in 'Transformers Toy Discussion' started by godbomber, Apr 25, 2011.

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    Hiya. I'm waiting on a package to be shipped from The Phillipines, but I think I may be getting the runaround. First, I was told that their post office wasn't processing out due to Holy Week (ok, sure not a problem), and that the package was left with the post office & they would provide a tracking number to the seller when it was processed for air shipping (red flag).

    I've since requested that tracking number, and now I'm being told I should get it Friday after his post office gets a tracking number from UPS or USPS (big red flag). Obviously this last statement is a concern for me. So, I was wondering if anyone can shed light on how packages are shipped from The Phillipines, or if this is typical behavior. I can't say if the seller is using their national post office, or if he's using something like PostNet or UPS Store.

    I've got Ebay Buyer Protection, so I if I get screwed over, I should get my money back, but the items I'm waiting for are ...hard to find.
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    afaik, last week being holy week is an extra long weekend in the philippines. businesses, including philpost (local usps counterpart), as well as ups/fed ex are half-day last wednesday and closed for business on thursday and friday. if i remember right, they're even closed on saturdays even if its not a holiday. things should've been back to normal yesterday, although expect some sort of backlog as of the many days they were closed last week.

    now as to the manner it was/going to be sent to you. if its sent via philpost, it would most probably be in the form of express mail/ems, in which the tracking # you would be able to check via usps website. if its fedex/ups, you'll be able to check it in their respective websites.

    this is also confusing that if its via local post office, i'm assuming that it'll be ems, which would be via usps and not ups. i'd try contacting the seller again. hope this helps!

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