SHH's Exclusive Interview With Alex Kurtzman and Roberto Orci

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    Here's a fun read. has an exclusive interview with Alex Kurtzman and Roberto Orci about their successful summer hits. Here's a snippet here, but click on the link above for the full story.

    Superhero Hype!: We talked briefly about this last year, but you wrote this before the writers strike and were you able to do some work on it after it was over and before it started shooting?
    Roberto Orci: We took the job with Ehren Kruger two weeks before the strike so in that two weeks, we had to generate a 20-page outline that we handed in, and then during the strike, Michael and the amazing (producer) Ian Bryce tried to prep everything they could off of that outline. Then from the day the strike ended to the first day of shooting was three months, so we had to write the script in those three months, handing in pages at the end of every day so they could be prepped. It was crazy. We finished writing the movie two weeks ago, literally.
    Alex Kurtzman: Because you're writing lines for the robots in post. Not only did we rewrite on set but we spent the last six months with Michael in post, cutting the movie and writing the lines for the robots, just making jokes or making plot points more clear. Literally, they had to just rip it out of our dead hands the other day. (chuckles)

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