Minor/Repaint: Shattered Glass Darkwing (Version 2.0)

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    For those who don't remember, I'd made a Shattered Glass Darkwing out of a Robots in Disguise 2015 Stormshot. The figure itself is pretty awesome, and I'm tempted to pick up a few more, for good reason.
    Original thread can be found here: Minor/Repaint: - Shattered Glass Darkwing (from RiD Stormshot)

    2CD55B1E-3E24-40DE-9FF6-D842CEB2A109_zpsi1jvgt0o.jpg 5A3D0463-2BA5-4203-9D7A-198EF4CC786C_zpsymltyxto.jpg

    The original version, seen above, works decently with the concept of a Shattered Glass version of Darkwing. Sure, it's not the same mode, but I don't mind a different alt-mode. The head, though, just irked me. I'd chopped off the fringe, but it never quite looked right despite being the same color scheme. And then I realized something with some slight plastic shaving...

    IMG_0720.JPG IMG_0718.JPG
    He can totally become a Transector! And while the color and face may be a little off, Titans Return Brawn certainly has Darkwing's frown (SG or not). And it's the right head shape... good thing I have some spare plastic laying around.


    ...much better.

    The blue is the wrong shade, but it's something I can live with easily. The plastic for the visor comes from some old headset I found in an action figure pile that I didn't mind chopping it bits. I think it came from the old Aliens or Stargate figures back in the day.

    And here are some other small pictures...

    IMG_0727.JPG IMG_0715.JPG IMG_0724.JPG

    A head comparison shot, to see where the original came from, and what we got:


    The body, for reference, is the Titans Return Xort from the Highbrow figure. The face may now be on a Brawn body, but...

    IMG_0733.JPG RecordiconsRavageSteeljawEnemySG.jpg

    He'd be a great Shattered Glass Enemy, with some help.
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    Cool idea!
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