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    let me know what yo think about this idea.

    take the shattered glass transformers universe and turn it on its head with a twist in such a way with the war playin out in the long term over time such that the decepticons wind up becoming corrupt in their defeating the autobots with the autobots haveing been defeated and enslaved by the decepticons .

    basicly some kind of event happened through the actiosn and will of the shattered glass universes corrupted primus itself causing it the shattered glass universe to become a version of the riginal g1 universe

    in which the decpeticons have succeeeded in fully conquering cybertron and its colony worlds with the autobot forces having been fully enslaved to the will of megatron and his tyranny

    with darkknight himself being a young clone creation of megatron himself

    in his way he is both megatrons expected successor to be in training and is also literally megatrons personel heir

    his son so to speak

    for all intents and purposes think of darkknight as being a kind of good guy anti hero version of beast wars/beast machines megatron's character
    character and personality wise darkknight is modeled very much after david xanatose's character from gargoyles

    the whole idea i am toying with right now is that over time darkknight takes it upon himself to set a positive example to both decepticon and non decepticon like that simply because one lives their life as a decepticon one does not have to live thier life asa evil morally corrupt person

    that one can be decepticon by thier creation and by society and rank and still manage to maintain a respectfully positive moral code of ethics and honor

    unlike most decepticons as a person darkknight would be willing to treat a non decepticon cybertronian with a reasonable degree of personel respect and consideration when that person has actually made a postivie effort to do likewise to his person in turn even when that other person happens to be a lowly autobot slave for that matter

    over time he attempts to understand for himself the ways and beleifs of both autobot and decepticon society as the warrior who wants only to find for himself a personel degree of inner peace for himself and to find a way to successfully live his life as a justful being and where possible live that life as a peaceful being.

    while he would also go on to break off from the main decepticon forces in creating a hand picked group made up of former autobots whom he has tuaght over time to live their lives by the same postive mix of both societies social views/ moral beliefs and political ideaologies

    figue wise he would have cybertron megatrons body but would have cybertron/universe ramjets head minus the central head spike and with the side hornlets lengthened as well.

    asa decepticon turned autobot leader over time he would be a dark prime type of character attempting to lead both sides and societies back into the light positive moral speaking

    asa brooding vigilante type though he would in a way be the batman among his fellow cybertronians

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