Shattered Glass: Beast Wars (My Take)

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    When the evil Optimus Primal begins plotting the downfall of democracy and peace with his army of Maximals, his freedom-fighting brother Megatron must band together his own army of Predacons to stop him from conquering the planet Earth!

    This is my own take on a "Shattered Glass" story. I'm going to be listing the bios of the Maximals and Predacons here and (if I feel like writing them) stories will be posted seperately. Here we go:


    Repurposed Toy: BW Neo Bump
    Armordillo isn’t the smartest of the Maximals. He is dimwitted and sluggish, but makes up for it with his brute strength. His specialty is ramming backwards into Predacons with his hard shell. His satisfaction when they are crushed into scrap makes the pain worthwhile. In addition to his brute strength he has an optic array, a hidden laser weapon, and a Morningstar melee weapon.

    Repurposed Toy: Botcon Packrat
    Rattrap is a born egghead. Disgusted by the act of freedom, he prefers to be in the lab with his only friends being the gizmos and gadgets around him. A mad scientist to the other Maximals, he constructs torturous weapons to dismantle and mutilate prisoned Predacons. Rattrap respects Optimus Primal and his leader is always the first to try out Rattrap’s new weapons.

    Repurposed Toy: BW Neo Randy
    Razorbeast is the top sniper of the Maximals. His precision is dead-on accurate and most of the time, Razorbeast properly decapitates his target. Whenever said decapitation occurs, he gladly collects the separated heads and displays them proudly in his quarters. However, if Razorbeast misses a shot, he becomes so distraught that he takes one of Optimus Primal’s swords and slices a shred of metal from his back. Despite being a master of sniping, he is a complete jerk to the other Maximals and none of them respect him back.

    Repurposed Toy: BW Nightprowler
    Cheetor is, to put it simply, bat-shit insane. He's the Cybertronian equivalent of Freddy Krueger, a psychopath, a nutcase, you get the picture. It's needless to say that the other Maximals prefer to avoid Cheetor. Thankfully Cheetor, most of the time, is confined to a small room with a heavily locked door. The only times Primal ever opens the padlocked door is to release the savage Maximal during a huge battle, or to feed Cheetor the remains of former Predacons. If released, Cheetor will jump on to a Pred’s head, mercilessly clawing away at it till nothing remains. Most Predacons, with the exception of Rampage, fear Cheetor and prefer to keep their distance.

    Repurposed Toy: Fox Kids Rhinox
    Rhinox may have a small processor, but that doesn’t mean he’s stupid. The brute of the Maximals, Rhinox is Optimus Primal’s personal bodyguard. Rhinox will gladly take a bullet for his leader. Or a rocket, grenade, or laser. All have been fired at Rhinox with very little damage showing on his rhinoceros hide.

    Tigatron is the Cliffjumper of Shattered Glass: Beast Wars. When the Maximals won the first Beast War in our universe, Tigerhawk was visited by Vector Prime, one of the original Thirteen. Vector congratulated Tigerhawk on his victory and separated him back into Airrazor and Tigatron. However, as Vector Prime was leaving our dimension, Tigatron was sucked into the vortex landing him in the Shatteredverse of the Beast Wars. Shatteredverse Tigatron was a war veteran who survived many a battle until one of Megatron’s Predacons shot him in the head, killing him instantly.

    Repurposed Toy: BW Predacon Wolfang
    Wolfang is a lone wolf. He prefers to be alone and does not like interaction with any Maximal. He’s enough of a loner to ignore a battle command from Optimus Primal which enrages the Maximal leader to beating Wolfang senseless. It’s only a matter of time before one of these tantrums kills Wolfang when he least expects it.

    Polar Claw
    Repurposed Toy: BW Neo Survive
    Polar Claw is the (no pun intended) polar opposite of Wolfang. A team player, he believes that fighting will result in victory if the Maximals are banded together. Wolfang’s only friend, he often tries to encourage Wolfang to fight against the good-natured Predacons. Most of the time, Polar Claw has no success and simply utters to Wolfang, “It’s your funeral”...

    Optimus Primal
    Repurposed Toy: Universe 03 Optimus Primal
    The self-proclaimed King of the Maximals, Optimus Primal rules with an iron fist and loathes freedom and democracy. Unlike other Maximals, he despises his beast mode but understands the Energon conditions of the war and will use it to his advantage. The former brother of Megatron, he set out to conquer Cybertron despite his sibling’s pleas and cries. Those calls went unheeded and Cybertron was destroyed in nuclear fallout, prompting the evacuation of both Maximal and Predacon. Now Optimus has his sights set on conquering Earth and one therapod will not stand in his way.

    Repurposed Toy: Armada Airazor
    One of Primal’s brute warriors, Airazor will fight head on with the enemy whatever the conditions. She is brash and rude and will interrupt any conversation providing nothing intellectual whatsoever. Airazor will fight until her very spark is extinguished, or until Optimus signals a retreat.

    Claw Jaw
    Repurposed Toy: Transmetal Claw Jaw
    Claw Jaw just wants to be loved. Whenever he wants to contribute, the other Maximals shove him away like a bug on their shoulder. He is so hated that Optimus doesn’t even allow him his own quarter. He sleeps outside under the water in a poorly constructed home. There is a rumor that Primal and Claw Jaw used to be the greatest allies, but that rumor has been shot down instantly by any Maximal.

    Repurposed Toy: Bound Rogue
    Snarl is all about speed. He is constantly upgrading his body to fit his wild needs for speed. The others find him annoying and constantly trade jokes about whether or not Snarl is going to be scrapped by Primal. Snarl comments that they are jealous and wish to be as fast as he is. He’ll often run up to Cheetor’s door, knock on it, then run away laughing at the insane monster’s growls and roars.

    Repurposed Toy: BW Neo Bighorn
    Intelligent and philosophical, Bonecrusher still has yet to think of any replacement name for himself. Jhiaxus? No. Darkmount? Not really fitting. Bonecrusher prefers the library to the battlefield and will often recite ancient limericks to the Predacons all while bashing their heads in.

    Repurposed Toy: Universe Overbite
    Cybershark is a silent stalker, preferring to hide under the water surrounding The Axalon until a Predacon happens to walk by. When he spies a Pred, he’ll hum notes sounding like something from a vast, ancient orchestra. He’ll spring up from the water, grab the hapless Predacon and devour it whole. The other Maximals like to tease Cybershark by dipping junk parts into the water using a rod and when Cybershark bites, they pull back and hold him in the air by the string the junk part was on.

    Repurposed Toy: Universe 03 Silverbolt
    Silverbolt is a coward, plain and simple. The other Maximals wonder why he chose an eagle-wolf for a beast mode if he intended to stay on the ground the whole time. He cowers behind the other, larger Maximals like Polar Claw. Optimus doesn’t like the way Silverbolt acts and always puts him on patrol though the skies. Silverbolt debates becoming a Predacon just to get Primal out of his fur-feathers.

    Repurposed Toy: BW Neo Elphaorpha
    Torca enjoys the taste of Cybertronian metal. He keeps his cannibalistic ways secret from the others and sneaks off in the night to find lone Predacons to devour. The Preds dubbed him “The Beast of Kaon Road” after the city Torca was created. Torca is at home on land or in the water and is one of the only known Maximal Fuzors.

    Depth Charge
    Repurposed Toy: Universe 03 Depth Charge
    Depth Charge is a true warrior. He lives to serve Primal and is one of his favorite fighters to use in battles. Depth Charge follows in Primal’s footsteps almost exactly and despises his beast mode as well. But to tell you the truth, he really does enjoy it more than his Cybertronian jet mode.

    Night Glider
    Repurposed Toy: RID Dark Scream
    Not much is known about Night Glider. He prefers to soar above the Axalon during the day and rests in trees at night. Only Rhinox truly knows who Night Glider really is, and he ain’t telling.

    Repurposed Toy: RID Gas Skunk
    Stinkbomb is a living grenade. Optimus uses him to allow him and his troops to make an escape and have no Predacons following. Stinkbomb doesn’t mind being used as a weapon of warfare since he’s got nothing to live for any other way.

    Repurposed Toy: Universe Frostbite
    Jawbreaker was a failed attempt to clone a mass army of Cheetors for Primal to use at his command. Jawbreaker was originally cast aside by Primal as freak of science, but Polar Claw took him under his wing and taught him the art of combat. Jawbreaker is almost as insane as Cheetor, but slightly saner now thanks to Polar Claw’s teachings.

    Repurposed Toy: Universe Long Horn
    Ramulus is a rough-n-tough cowboy who doesn’t tolerate nonsense. Described by Rattrap as “chronically insane in the mainframe”, Ramulus loves to ram into Predacons using his Ibex beast mode’s horns. He proudly tears a digit off the defeated Pred’s hands and puts it in a container, displaying it in his quarters. Razorbeast would love to have royalties, but Ramulus simply doesn’t care.

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    Repurposed Toy: BW Neo Crazybolt
    Iguanus is steadfastly loyal to the Predacon cause and sees himself as something of a "freedom fighter", fighting an uphill battle against Maximal oppression. An able soldier and lieutenant, his specialty is combat sabotage. Iguanus uses this cunning skill to thwart Maximal advances. He's been known to say cool things like, "The shortest path between two Maximal points is a heat-seeking missile."

    Repurposed Toy: BW Fractyl
    Terrorsaur is a brave warrior always willing to fight for freedom whatever the odds. He is Megatron’s first lieutenant and is quite proud of it. Megatron admires Terrorsaur’s courage and is ever grateful to have him serve the Predacon cause.

    Repurposed Toy: BW Arcee
    Blackarachnia is equivalent to that dumb chick who always gets drunk at high school parties. She means well, but is too busy lollygagging around to actually do anything. She is infatuated with Megatron and constantly swoons over him, much to the chagrin of the other Predacons.

    Repurposed Toy: Fox Kids Transmetal Tarantulas
    Tarantulas is the Predacons’ medic. Whenever you got a rusting problem or a fractured diode, Tarantulas will be there to help. He is known for his irreverent bedside manner; He loves having a good time, and his party-loving nature has given him a dry wit. He is not a particularly mighty warrior, which sometimes leads him to believe that he is expendable. Megatron has trouble convincing Tarantulas that this is far from the truth.

    Repurposed Toy: Fox Kids Waspinator
    Waspinator is every Maximal’s worst nightmare. Strong, high-ranking, fast, courageous, and skillful, Waspinator is just about the best Predacon ever created. Every Predacon respects Waspinator and they love his come-get-some attitude. Rumor has it, that Waspinator is actually dead, but Unicron hasn’t gotten the courage to tell Waspy yet.

    Repurposed Toy: BW Sandstorm
    Those who know Scorponok like to call him an ordinary, everyday Predacon. Which is pretty weird, since he's nothing like the rest of them! Unlike his peers, Scorponok has no psychological hang-ups or weird quirks. He's just a guy, you know? He doesn't even understand why everyone likes fighting so much; he's got no love for war. For him, the war's just a job, and like any other job, he wants to do it well.

    Repurposed Toy: BM T-Wrecks
    Megatron believes in freedom for all sentient beings. Being the elder brother of Optimus Primal, the two were once the best of friends and always stood up for one another. However, Optimus became corrupt and Megatron felt it was his destiny to protect Cybertron from his brother. Megatron is a great warrior which every Predacon looks up to. He is a tad bit annoyed with Blackarachnia’s fantasies of them together, but he still admires the fembot’s courage.

    Drill Bit
    Repurposed Toy: BW Neo Drill Nuts
    Drill Bit is one of the Predacons' psychologists in charge of looking after the psychiatric health of the troops, including holding regular group therapy sessions. Outside of those sessions he can often be seen making deep-voiced, calm suggestions of ways to relax and unwind. When faced with especially excitable patients—particularly hostile Maximals—he skips to administering instant sedation with his anestho-shells.

    Repurposed Toy: BW Neo Hydra
    Lazorbeak thinks it is his duty as a hero to stop the Maximals alone and unaided. Many of the Predacons laugh at him and crack jokes about his heroism, but the fact is Lazorbeak is waiting for the perfect opportunity to launch what he likes to call Operation Forthcoming Terror.

    Repurposed Toy: BW Vice Grip
    Before Optimus Primal started his war of conquest, Powerpinch was Cybertron's most well-known and talented puppeteer. His puppet shows were popular with beings from planets all over the galaxy ranging from little protoforms all the way to royalty. He now fights as a part of Megatron's quest for peace, in the hopes that he and his puppets can someday entertain the masses once again.

    Repurposed Toy: BW II Diver
    Spittor has always been a sailor at heart. From the very first moments of his life, to the present day, he was fascinated by the ocean. Younger than most Predacons, Spittor always loves hearing the veterans talk about their tall tales of fighting wars and sailing the Sea of Rust. He strangely speaks with a British accent.

    Repurposed Toy: BW II Tonbot
    Jetstorm is an artist who always has his pen and paper with him. At first, Megatron was weary of him drawing the battles and not fighting in them, but Jetstorm’s artistic talent convinced Megatron to allow him to sit atop the Darksyde’s cockpit and sketch the battles below or above. His art is proudly displayed in his quarters amongst self-portraits and other drawings.

    Repurposed Toy: BW II Mantis
    Manterror is the Darksyde’s gossip king. He knows everything and anything about the Predacons. So much, in fact, that the Maximals have captured him more than once in an attempt to gain secrets from him. However, while he may be a gossiper, he is not a traitor and promptly refuses to give out the secrets until help arrives.

    Repurposed Toy: BW II Powerhug
    Retrax is a warm, fuzzy guy. He loves everyone and everything including Maximals. He can be annoying to some Predacons, but the only reason he acts this way is because he never had a family growing up. He will fight the Maximals with bone-crushing hugs and his Photon Blaster if necessary.

    Repurposed Toy: Takara Metals Inferno
    No one is sure why Inferno doesn’t follow commands. He’s the wisecracker of the Predacons and loves nothing more than making a joke at Megatron’s or any other bot’s expense. He doesn’t HATE Megatron, but he isn’t one to follow orders.

    Repurposed Toy: BW II Bigmos
    Transquito would just like to leave Earth, please. The planet’s atmosphere gives him sicknesses unlike any Tarantulas has seen before. Usually, the Doc-Bug is able to prescribe a medical drug for Transquito to take, but most seem to last only about one solar cycle. The others tamper with his drugs which makes him woozy and dazed. Transquito is usually the butt of many of Inferno’s jokes.

    Repurposed Toy: BW II Tripledacus
    Using the bodies of destroyed Predacons, Tarantulas created the mighty Tripledacus. Composed from a team of artists and scholars, Tripledacus’ role is that of keeper and protector of Cybertronian culture and philosophy. He is considered the most intelligent of the Predacons and is stored away from the Darksyde in a mountain to be called upon by Megatron when needed.

    Repurposed Toy: Universe 03 Repugnus
    Buzzclaw was once a performer at C.B. Barnicon’s Traveling Cybernetic Circus. Megatron saw his aerobatic act and asked him to join the Predacon cause. At first, Buzzclaw declined the offer until Razorbeast killed C.B. and Buzzclaw agreed to join Megatron to extract revenge against Razorbeast.

    Sky Shadow
    Repurposed Toy: BW Neo Drancon
    Sky Shadow is what some would consider a false action hero. He narrates his own battles and half the time, gets too distracted talking to fight and gets his afterburner handed to him. This doesn’t bring him down and he continues fighting for the Predacon cause or as he puts it, “fighting for the good of Cybertronians everywhere!”

    Repurposed Toy: BW Shockaract
    Rampage is to Megatron, “one of the bravest Preds I have ever seen.” Nothing scares Rampage, not even the insane Maximal Cheetor. The other Predacons have pondered why Rampage is unmoved by Cheetor. Many say they were split from the same spark, others say Cheetor was once a fembot and had a relationship with Rampage. The former is more believed by the others.

    Repurposed Toy: Walmart Exclusive Dinobots Grimlock
    Dinobot is a former Maximal turned Predacon. Dinobot was once one of Primal’s top combatants until Optimus murdered Sky Hammer, Dinobot’s lead officer. Though Dinobot and Sky Hammer had their differences, he thought the assassination was a step too far, though Dinobot kept quiet about his feelings. Things came to a head, however, when Primal suspected Dinobot of giving away top secret information, and conspired to have him killed. As a result, Dinobot joined the heroic Predacons. He now fights against Primal and his evil Maximals, though for different reasons than his new comrades.

    -Razorbeast was inspired by the TF2 Sniper
    -Cheetor's method of attack is a homage to the Jockey from Left 4 Dead 2.
    -Rhinox was originally inspired by The Thing from Marvel Comics.
    -Tigatron is to SG Beast Wars as Cliffjumper is to Classics SG.
    -Claw Jaw is a reference to Doctor Zoidberg from Futurama.
    -Snarl is a reference to Sonic the Hedgehog.
    -Cybershark's "song" is a reference to Jaws.
    -Torca's nickname comes from the real life cryptid, The Beast of Bray Road.
    -Jawbreaker as a failed cloning attempt is a homage to a comment SG Optimus said about having "a thousand more like Grimlock" with Cheetor being Grimlock.
    -Tarantulas is to SG BW as Ratchet is to G1.
    -Waspinator is a tip-of-the-hat to Chuck Norris.
    -Scorponok is a direct descendant of SG Octopunch.
    -Drill Bit is a descendant of SG Bombshell.
    -Powerpinch is a descendant of SG Sinnertwin.
    -Spittor's "british accent" and "love of the seas" is a shout-out to Pip from My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic.
    -Inferno is the BW Rattrap of SG BW.
    -Transquito's character was based off Mendel Craven from Godzilla: The Series.
    -Tripledacus' components were descendants of the SG Terrorcons.
    -Sky Shadow is a homage to Spaceman Spiff from Calvin and Hobbes.
    -Dinobot is to SG BW as Sideswipe is to SG Classics.
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    These are great ideas Driskull. :thumb .

    I just :lolol  at the part where Blackarachnia is a drunken party girl. Her relationship with Megatron reminds me of Thunderblast.
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    Haha, that was my inspiration.

    What are some of your favorites?
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    My favorite was the Pip Spittor.
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    Considering how Botcon loves doing Shattered glass years and in the Current club fiction Autobots and Decepticons are stuck in The beast era of Shattered glass, Shattered glass Beast wars has a high possibility of coming true. (I know really obvious just been a fan of this idea for some time and decided to say it.)

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